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Photoshop Software is one of the world’s most popular photo editing software developed by Adobe. Graphic designers need to learn Photoshop. So what are the tools included in Photoshop Software? Below is a description of what is tools. Everyone who knows or doesn’t know Photoshop I think this is important.

Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)

Rectangular_Marquee_Tool _png
Rectangular Marquee Tool

This tool is using to select a part of an image to rectangular. Once this is doing, all changes are made only in the Select section.

Move Tool (V)

Move Tool

This tool is using to move any object in Photoshop workspace. After selecting the object, press the Shift button to move the object either horizontally or directly.

Lasso Tool *(L)

This tool is used to easily select a complex part of an image. There are three tools here.

Lasso tool (L)

Lasso Tool is a freehand selection tool. It helps us to manually select the part of an image.
Click and hold your left mouse button on the image and draw your selection.

Lasso tool
Polygonal Lasso tool (L)

With Polygonal Lasso Tool we can select differently.
It is often selected only in non-circular areas. Point selectors can create a selection with a series of straight edges.
[ You can also hold down the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Mac OS) to draw freehand sections. ] ( To finish drawing a selection, either click on the selection starting point or double-click anywhere )

Polygonal Lasso Tool
Magnetic Lasso Tool ( L )

(can be recommended for beginners) Magnetic Lasso Tool is currently used by many graphic designers to select a part of an image.
You can be selecting areas that have reasonably well-defined edges using this tool.
Left-click at the starting point of your selection and simply move the mouse along the area edge. To finish drawing a selection, either click on the selection starting point or double-click anywhere.

Magnetic Lasso Tool

Magic Wand Tool (W)

This is another selection tool. Using this tool you can easily select parts of the same color in an image.

Magic Wand Tool

Quick Selection Tool (W)

The Quick Selection Tool lets you easily select an object simply by painting over it with a brush. Enable “Auto-Enhance” in the Options Bar for better quality selections.

Quick Selection Tool

Crop Tool (C)

This is very similar to the Rectangular Marquee Tool. The only difference is that the part that you select will crop after pressing the Enter button.

Crop tool

Slice Tool (C)

The Slice tool allows you to divide an image into smaller sections that fit together like a jigsaw.
This is often used to save an image too small parts.

Slice tool

Healing Brush Tool (J)

This tool is used to fix imperfections parts of an image.
you can press the alt button and selects a partition in another location of the image and you can fill imperfections parts of the image using it.

Healing Brush Tool

Clone Stamp Tool (S)

The Clone Stamp Tool is the most basic of Photoshop’s retouching tools. It samples pixels from one area of the image and paints them over pixels in another area.

Clone Stamp Tool

Brush Tool / Pencil (B)

You can be drawing (painting) directly on the image using Brush tool/ pencil.
these tools work the same way. You can adjust the size, color, and style as you want. ( The painting uses the currently selected foreground color. )

Brush Tool

History Brush Tool (Y)

The History Brush Tool paints a snapshot from an earlier step (history state) into the current version of the image. Choose the previous state from the History panel.

History Brush Tool

Eraser Tool (E)

You can erase the parts you want on a layer using the eraser tool.

Eraser Tool

Gradient Tool / Paint Bucket Tool (G)

Using the Gradient Tool, you can create a combination of two or more colors on the canvas. The Paint Bucket Tool fills an area of similar color with your Foreground color or a pattern. The “Tolerance” value determines the range of colors that will be affected by the area where you clicked.

Gradient Tool
Paint Bucket Tool

Blur Tool

You can blur the parts of an image using this tool

Blur tool

Dodge Tool (O)

Paint over areas in the image with the Dodge Tool to lighten them. ( But it can’t be done in black color background. )

Dodge Tool

Path Selection Tool (A)

You can select and move an entire path at once using the Path Selection Tool (the black arrow) in Photoshop.

Path Selection Tool

Horizontal Type Tool (T)

you can type horizontally in photoshop workspace using Horizontal Type Tool. This is a simple typing tool but very useful.
(You can change font, color, and styles as you want)

Horizontal Type Tool

Pen Tool (P)

This is used to draw the Path in photoshop. Path Selection Tool is used to select the Path. Here we can use this to make Clipping Paths or Selection.
( Click one place to draw a point, Otherwise, click and dragging will change the shape of the Path. )

Pen tool

Rectangle Tool (U)

You can draw a rectangle shape using the Rectangle Tool. The rectangular shape you draw will fill the foreground color you have selected.

Rectangle Tool

Note Tool (I)

This tool is used to put a small note into your Photoshop file.
[This can only be used to (.PSD ) files.]

Note Tool

Eyedropper Tool (I)

This will change the color of your foreground to the color you click.
( You can pick a color for the background by hold the Alt-key while selecting the color with the Eyedropper tool. )

Eyedropper Tool

Hand Tool (H)

This tool is useful when moving the image after the zoom.

Hand Tool

Zoom Tool (Z)

You can zoom the image as you want.
( click with the Alt button for zoom out )

Zoom Tool

Smudge Tool

The Smudge Tool in Photoshop smudges and smears the areas you paint over. It can also be used to create a finger painting effect.

Smudge Tool

Colour Boxes

The foreground color is the top color and the background is the underlying color.
You can change the foreground and background colors as you want.

Colour Boxes

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