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what is a Mockup & How to edit a Mockup With Photoshop?

Hello Guys, Today we are going to talking about Mockups. The first thing we should know “What is a Mockup ?”
Simply A mockup is a Creative prototype to present your design or creation in practice
Designers primarily use Mockups to get feedback from users or their clients about their design, Because We can show Our users using mockups how our designs work practically in the real world.

(see picture [1.0] to get an idea about how mockups works)

What is a mockup, how to use a mockup
[ 1.0 ] How mockups works

You can Download PSD Mockups for free

How to edit a PSD mockup?

Now Let’s see how to edit a PSD mockup, Simply a PSD mockup is an Editable Photoshop source file, So we need Adobe photoshop software to Customize these PSD mockups
So You need a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop software to edit mockups
If you are a beginner read These articles to Improve your Knowledge More

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Step .1

Open Adobe Photoshop software on Your computer
(Here I’m Use Adobe photoshop cc 2018 but you can use any version of Photoshop for this)

Now Open your Mockup PSD file Using Photoshop.
You can use three methods To Open a PSD file

  1. Drag and Drop Your PSD file to Photoshop Workspace
  2. Go to File > Select > Browse your PSD File and Open it
  3. Quickly open your PSD file – Doubble click your PSD file Or right-click and Open ( You don’t need to open Photoshop software before to Use this Method)

Step .2

The secret of PSD mockups is “Smart Objects” So You should find the smart Object in Your PSD file.
(See the Picture[2.0] It will be helpful to find the smart object on your PSD File)

( Designers Use Smart Objects To create PSD mockups.
We can Apply all filters and Effects used in Our Design To The Smart Object in Our PSD file. After, We Can change Our Smart Object. But All of the filters and Effects We used in the Original Smart object Automatically will be applied to The new Smart Objec
That’s The technique of It.)

how to find smart object in photoshop file
[ 2.0 ] What is the Smart Object

Step .3

After You find the smart object in Your PSD File, Then Open in ( Quickly Dobble Click On it)
Then It will be Open In New Window
( See the picture [2.1] )

Now you Can See the original Smart Object in Your PSD File without any filters and effects
Now Simply Hide it(layer) by Click on the “Eye” mark of this layer
( See The Picture [2.2] )

logo on adobe photoshop new window
[ 2.1 ]
how to hide a layer in adobe photoshop
[ 2.2 ] OFF Photoshop layer visibility

Step .4

Now you Can Open your Design to This Empty Workspace
( Simply Drag and Drop Your Design To The workspace )

Now scale it To fit the Workspace ( Use Shift+Alt to scale Perfectly )
(See the Picture [2.3] )

scale a photo using photoshop
[ 2.3 ]

Step .5

This is The Final step. After you scale your design to fit the workspace
Press the Ctrl+S to save it.

Now you Can see the Magic. Go to the Mockup PSD File. Now You Can See The Original Design has Changed to your design with All filters and Effects of Original design
(See The Picture [2.4 ])

photoshop file
[ 2.4 ]

Thank You! For Reading This Article
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